Living Smoke Free

Are you struggling to quit smoking?

Hypnotherapy is the key to breaking the habit!

Smoking kills and maims thousands of people throughout New Zealand every year, yet many smokers still find it difficult to stop. Many have tried ‘quit smoking’ methods like patches and pills, however this is not a successful method for everyone.

Have you ever tried to quit, but find there are two voices in your head giving you conflicting advice? Your conscious mind knows that it’s an unhealthy decision, it’s dangerous to others and wants you to quit, while the other subconscious mind won’t let it go.

For there to be a significant change in your smoking behaviour, there needs to be a change in your subconscious mind level – because hypnosis specialises in the subconscious mind, it is the most effective method to stop smoking.

Quit smoking through hypnotherapy, and see the changes in your life…
  • Anxiety and stress levels reduced
  • Internal tension is reduced
  • Confidence, willpower and motivation increased
  • Remove connections between smoking and drinking or stress
  • Healthier mind, body and soul

Your transition from a smoker to a non-smoker will be made as easy and simple for you as possible. Your hypnotherapist will use a personalised quit smoking programme to help you achieve your goals.

Proven results!

During a recent ‘Living Smoke Free’ study undertaken by Ascension Dynamics, smokers attended from 1 to 4 individual hypnotherapy sessions.

100% stopped smoking after the treatment ended, and after 12 months, 98% remained smoke free.

Overall, 98% of people were satisfied with their treatment.

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