Ascension Hypnotherapy

First comes the knowledge (the awareness) of how our energetic systems work

then the healing, then the enlightenment and wisdom to empower and manifest our higher life purpose as our contribution to our personal relationships and a peaceful Planet. Ascension Hypnotherapy is a blend of integrated psycho-spiritual therapies to empower leadership amongst people who are willing to embody their soul wisdom to promote their own health and higher level thinking for systemic transformation.

Who knows what a light worker is? We are all light workers in your unique ways. My job for “lifetimes it seems” has been to pave the way for the new generation of “truth warriors” (or indigos) and the children of the truth warriors (the crystals and rainbows); the wayseers”; the children of the new millennium. You who are now shaking the very foundations of organisations, systems and structures that are not working in integrity with the Planet and our fellow man. You who are now or will be taking Divinely Inspired ACTION to lead mankind into an Ascended harmonious Planet. I call you the WiseVibe Warriors.

If you want to join the new WiseVibe© species of humanity evolving rapidly through global networks – and become one of the beautiful souls who are practicing higher vibrating thoughts and emotions to take the lead in global transformation, make sure you contact me.. Ascension Hypnotherapy wakes you back up to your Divine truth, to your higher purpose in being on Earth; to remind you of those missing links you need to reclaim firstly to heal your own internal computer and then to heal the Planet.

“Charity begins at Home.” “Home is where the Heart is.” Age old axioms that hold a message. Where is your heart? Your heart is right there in your chest where the little kid resides.

Learning to love yourself on all levels takes help. Why? Because 90 percent of the time we are acting from unconscious conditioning. All we hear, see, smell, absorb for our whole lifetime becomes part of that 90 percent unconscious response. Like current events on the Planet, if we don’t learn to nourish our inner child with love and protect that sacred inner relationship, what happens?

We succumb to the stress. Our bodies will let us know with sleeplessness, anger, anxiety and worse. Sometimes because we are acting from our conditioning, we will start taking medications or worse to dull the pain. The symptoms subside for a while until another stress comes along. We may be prescribed stronger medication, and the cycle (or pattern) becomes more entrenched.

Ascension hypnotherapy is designed for you to recognise these signs, uncover your truth and take charge of your own energy system; protecting it from unresourceful environmental factors, thoughts and behaviours. To raise your vibrational spirit to operate from SELF EMPOWERMENT, LOVE, WISDOM AND COMPASSION at all times.

When SELF-LOVE raises our energetic vibration, it turns the lights on in our neurons and neural pathways; we can not only create medication-free health but new information is received and processed in a more intellectual way. Our perception of our Divine truth and true life purpose comes to the fore, as does our inherent God-given gifts and abilities.

If you would like  to talk more, contact me.

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