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"Pamm's life is focused on helping her patients experience their best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.   She was already an accomplished energy healer and spiritual psychotherapist when she established her first Professional Hypnotherapy Practice in Takapuna in 1992.  Previous to that she had volunteered much of her time (in collaboration with a group of Auckland changemakers) to providing psychotherapy, counselling, and psychological support to several thousand people working on their own life transformations.

Pamm says, "The experiences of that time strengthened my own evolutionary journey;
but best of all they inspired in me a deep passion for research into the workings of the mind,
healing modalities and their practical applications."

After gaining her inaugural Hypnotherapy, NLP and Transpersonal Psychology Diploma with the internationally-recognized Osmosis Academy, Pamm continued to work on mastering her skills and practice across an array of psychology, scientific, technology and energy-based therapies including the esoteric.

She continued her full time corporate career in conference management whilst seeing patients at the end of a day and in the weekends.  That formula stopped working for her when she went into major burnout after managing a big conference, experiencing a relationship breakup and organizing a house move which all occurred simultaneously.

"When you don't walk your talk, listen to the signs of stress, and carry on regardless, something has to give."
"A silly accident in 2008 stripped me back to nothing; left me alone, in debt, homeless, jobless, lacking in confidence and unwell. "

Recovery took time and dedication.  In 2012 Ascension Dynamics was founded after an in depth exploration into spiritual psychology and attitudinal healing which has added even more value to the array of knowledge and skills Pamm brings to her patients today.

"I certainly learned the hard way, the meaning of listening to my emotions, my body,
my intuition and my guidance and taking right actions.
To practice my healing profession with authenticity, genuine service and unconditional love for my patients
is an honor I believe came as the result of that big lesson in 2008."

Pamm has a winning formula for those wanting to experience their best mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

She offers supportive technologies such as Colour Light Therapy for a range of physical and emotional healing applications; hooking you up to Heart Math Technology before and after a hypnotherapy session demonstrates just how easy it is to bring your body back into homeostasis - giving you a powerful medication free technique to make a positive influence on your immune system and your life.

The real drive behind Ascension Dynamics is Pamm's care and concern for the Planet.   Healing attitudes one by one or group by group not only brings individual holistic health but also empowers authenticity in relationships, careers, family.... bringing peace and wellbeing which influences all areas in life; and eventually helping in the co-creation and transformation necessary for global systemic transcendence.

Pamm is a Foundation member of the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists and has been an active committee member since 2012.

Free 15 minute consultations

Ascension Dynamics works under the premise that the same energy that created us is the same energy that heals us.

Contact Pamm if you would like to learn more about her integrated wellbeing modalities.  She offers a Free 15 minute chat time with no obligation.

She also conducts online sessions over the zoom platform.


My Gift to You

I look forward to hearing from you soon to help you continue on that journey.
Pamm Millage

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